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Keeping pace with the speed of social media takes a lot time – time that many small- and mid-size businesses simply don’t have. Purely Branded can assume the responsibility of creating content for your company and building a strong social media program.

Blogging: To make sure your social media program is effective, you must consistently disseminate content to connect with your customers. Purely Branded can build your blog from scratch and help you create a range of original content. As a matter of practice, we integrate your blog with your social media channels to ensure we’re maximizing every bit of content.

Tweeting: We can select topics, schedule Tweets and, most important, build your follower base.

Webinars: Want to raise awareness of your brand, become a thought leader in your industry and offer your key audiences valuable content? Of course you do. Hosting webinars are a cost effective way to engage in a meaningful dialogue with your prospects, educate them on relevant subject matter and highlight your expertise. What’s more, the content and data generated from hosting a webinar can be repurposed across all of your digital platforms.

Video Production: Some say that people no longer read websites. Rather, they watch them. Purely Branded has in-house video production capabilities to create management perspective videos, customer testimonial videos, corporate feature videos, process videos and so on. We manage all aspects of production and then distribute it across channels to enhance your brand image, attract positive attention, and drive traffic to your website.

Audio: Podcasts provide cost-effective content that highlights your expertise on topics relevant to your key audiences. Purely Branded manages all audio production and integrates it across all of your digital communication channels.

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