The fact is, we’re not for everyone. We’re not looking for clients, we’re looking for partners willing to do the necessary work to build and maintain strong, successful relationships.

We’ve worked at other agencies and run into many agency pledges. Looking back, the fact is that, once the work begins many of those words (and once cozy client relationships) are replaced by the numbers. The problem is that clients are far more than that and unequivocally deserve the personal attention and service they signed up for. Rather than making a long winded pledge, we believe in a few basic principles.

We believe that the only way to devise and deliver successful communications work is to constantly build on the agency/client relationship. By working together, everyone can focus on and accomplish their goals. To do so, we must trust our clients and our clients must trust us. We are in it together and our interests must always be aligned.

We believe that our take on attention and time separate us from other agencies. Simply, when working on a client project, our attention is undivided and our time belongs to the client. The fact is that there will always be a number of projects swirling about. However, we have to make sure that every client feels that they are the only one.

We believe that we must speak the truth. That means asking difficult questions, stating strong opinions, and learning from constructive criticism. Nobody is perfect and we all require input from those around us to do the best possible work.

That’s it and if we stick to it, really good work and great results will happen.



Client Showcase

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