Arrowhead Industries

Arrowhead Industries

THE Client

Arrowhead is the only core metal supplier focused exclusively on carriers and the leader in the automotive weather-seal market. Virtually every major automotive weather-seal manufacturer across the globe uses our lanced and stamped metal carriers for rubber and plastic weather-seals, glass run and trim products. Why do they choose Arrowhead? We deliver the capabilities, technology, capacity and customer service that no other supplier can match.

THE Challenge

Our challenge was to update Arrowhead’s online presence and convey the size and scope of the company while communicating its full range of products. Another Arrowhead objective, was to standardize the language used in the industry, and simply the design and ordering process. Finally, Arrowhead needed the website to operate as a recruiting tool, attractive various specialty workers from around the area.

THE Solution

Commitment to quality is at the heart of everything Arrowhead Industries does. We began with several photo shoots, where we were able to capture images portraying the size and scope of Arrowhead. We developed a solution that maintained the existing brand, while communicating the advanced technologies used by Arrowhead. The new website is layered with photos, displaying almost every aspect of the manufacturing process. We also added a section specifically designed for clients. This interactive product area displays all available Arrowhead products, together with macro photographs and technical drawings. A glossary was implemented to help direct clients to use the appropriate reference terms when discussing special needs.

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