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MedVentures Inc.

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Purely Branded was a key part of launching MedVentures. Purely Branded quickly understood the complexities of our business model, captured the essence of how we fit in, and why it is important for healthcare providers to adopt the MedVentures solution. They listened, learned and delivered. From development of our brand through our website and collateral materials, Purely Branded did an exceptional job and we look forward to working with the firm well into the future.
William W. Curtis
Chairman and CEO
MedVentures Inc.


MedVentures offers leading healthcare providers a capital-free, off balance sheet access vital, outcome-enhancing technologies that will meet their clinical and financial requirements – with no minimum periodic payments or procedure volume commitments. MedVentures allows healthcare providers to address capital constraints while also improving the quality of patient care and generating additional revenues.


MedVentures required a brand development program that clearly communicated the immediate value of the company and its offerings. The MedVentures brand and applications across digital and traditional media needed to be easy-to-access by a range of healthcare professionals – the MedVentures brand needed to be as sophisticated and serious as the challenges faced by healthcare providers.


To-the-point. From the company’s logo and tagline through its website and collateral materials, we established a clear message hierarchy founded in necessary, positive patient and financial outcomes. From a design perspective, we created a modern, sophisticated platform to resonate with MedVentures’ healthcare audiences.

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