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Simply, we’re here to save lives. Purely Branded captured the magic of the organization through the website’s stunning design and smart structure. The website is the face of the organization to the world and we are now striking. Many thanks to Purely Branded.
Dr. Lee Ponsky, MD
Medwish International


MedWish works every day to provide critical care and repurpose discarded medical equipment and supplies in under-served areas of the world. In the short-term, Medwish saves peoples’ lives. In the long-term, MedWish works to save the planet, for all people, by reducing the vast amount of medical waste.


MedWish required a website to act as the centerpiece of the organization’s digital presence. The challenge was to create a website to inspire believers in the MedWish work to take action, whether through volunteering or donation. Medwish needed the website to support a range of marketing campaigns and social media strategy.


Purely Branded delivered a Medwish website that has engaged range of users (from MedWish beginners to long-time participants and partners) with contemporary look, visually driven user experience and easy-to-use interface. The website has successfully educated users as to the MedWish mission and approach (Recover, Repurpose, Redistribute). Since launch, the wesite has become the centerpiece of Medwish digital presence and mobilized users to become involved with the organization.

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