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Mobile Med One moves quickly and Purely Branded was able to keep up. Actually, Purely Branded was way ahead. Purely Branded’s leadership and team provided us with the level of intelligence, talent and energy required for an organization like ours’. Their strategy, design and development took us where we needed to be. They will continue to take us where we need to be.
Zac Ponsky
Mobile Med One


Mobile Med One Disaster Relief is a non-profit, volunteer-based program that addresses the issues associated with emergency care in the aftermath of natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Mobile med One provides immediate acquisition and deployment of equipment to manage emergency care and the resulting surge of patients.


Create a brand and website that communicates the mission and function of the organization. Mobile Med One Disaster Relief communications needed to educate and excite a range of audiences, from government and hospitals to leadership from other organizations. The Purely Branded challenge was crisply and clearly educating website users as to the role played and value provided by Mobile Med One.


Sophisticated and simple. From Mobile Med One’s logo through its website and collateral materials, we established, we created a modern, sophisticated platform to resonate with the organization’s range of audiences.

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