Troymill Wood Products

Troymill Wood Products

THE Client

Troymill is one of the largest integrated industrial wood products companies in the Midwest. From pallets and boxes, to crates and cut-to-size lumber, to a huge inventory of hardwood, yellow pine and spruce lumber as well as top quality finished and specialty products, Troymill services hundreds of clients, large and small, throughout the United States.

THE Challenge

Our challenge was to convey the size and scope of the company while communicating its customized service and attention to detail by its highly skilled Amish workforce. We also needed to find a way to display the company’s range of wood products in a systematic, yet engaging, way.

THE Solution

We’ve got wood. Through the use of highly personal language, warm color pallet and video, we were able to capture the essence of Troymill as a large company committed to every detail – customer care, skilled craftsmanship, quality lumber supply, logistics, etc. – of its wood products business. Since launch, the website has become the centerpiece of Troymill’s digital presence and dramatically increased inquiries and number of leads.

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