Why People ‘Like’ and ‘Unlike’ Brands on Facebook

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Close to 90% of users on Facebook say that they “Like” at least one brand on Facebook, according to a survey from Lab42. Additionally, 50% say that they find the brand’s Facebook page more useful than the company’s website. Of the Facebook users who “Like” brands:

  • 82% said that Facebook is a good place to interact with brands
  • 75% said that they felt more connected to the brand on Facebook
  • 69% said that they Liked a brand because a friend in their network did

Facebook is a Great Place to Engage

Clearly Facebook has created a powerful platform for B2C companies to engage with their audience. But what are the largest motivators in liking a brand on Facebook? Covered in 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses, the leading motivator is promotions and discounts. Next on the list at 21%, Facebook users cited free giveaways. Rounding out the key motivators list we fine “Loyal Customer” (14%) and “Brand Trust” (11%).

Facebook is also a great place for brands to interact with their fans. The top 3 ways consumers interact with brands on Facebook are:

1. to print off coupons

2. to Like/comment on brand’s page

3. to learn about new products

35% of people who Like brands said they feel brands listen to them more on Facebook. The notion of being hear fosters a strong relationship with a brand and reinforced brand loyalty. This notion if further reinforced by the fact that 77% said they saved money as a result of “Liking” a brand.

Interestingly, 46% said they “Liked” brands they had no intention of buying from. You might ask yourself, why would someone go through the “trouble” of Liking a brand from which they were not going to buy anything. 52% said they wanted a free item which was given away to anyone who followed. 46% said they actually like the brand’s products but were unable to afford them. 24% said they only liked a brand in order to help out a friend.

73% of People Have Unliked Brands

Alright, we’ve covered the reasons people “Like” brands, but what could a brand do to make someone “Unlike” them. Not surprisingly, the number one reason was that a brand posted too frequently. People do not want to see an advertisement from a brand every time they look at their timeline. Next on the list was that they ironically stopped liking the brand in “real life.” The third noted reason for Unliking a brand was that the consumer had a bad customer experience.

Final Words

It’s important for companies to recognize the power of Facebook and how to integrate it their brand strategy. With the great access it provides, Facebook can convert potential clients to actual clients and one-time customers to repeat ones. Consumers like to interact with brands and feel as if they are more connected to brands on Facebook. But as we know, with great power comes great responsibility and brands should be careful not to break this new trust or overstep the boundaries to Facebook etiquette by posting too often. Simply put, companies who engage their audience, provide value and nurture relationship are on the right track to successful and profitable future on Facebook.

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