Purely Branded Launches a Coming Soon Website for Cleveland Non-Profit imATAD

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We recently had the pleasure of helping out another Cleveland, Ohio non-profit organization. imATAD (I’m Against Texting and Driving) is a non-profit organization committed to eliminating deaths caused by texting while driving.

The organization was founded by a group of 5 teenagers who recognized the incredible danger associated with texting while driving, and decided to do something about it. In our brand and marketing strategy meetings with the group, it was clear that they wanted something “cool” and “edgy”. They wanted a look and feel that would appeal first and foremost to teenagers, with adults being a secondary target audience. We initiated discussions revolving around what they, as teenagers, would find engaging and interesting, as well as what they would consider boring or a turnoff.

We always hear of terrible accidents that were caused by texting and driving. Although we empathize with the victims, we always find that there aren’t many things we can actually do to prevent those deaths and to help those affected. Our aim is to be a medium through which we can raise awareness and lower the amount of texting while driving related deaths each year until deaths from texting and driving are eliminated. Thank you so much for your time and support.

The insight provided by the founders of imATAD was absolutely priceless and was the driving force behind the creative process. We presented a number of logo design options to the team, and this was the winner:

Next we discussed the design and development of the website. We created a plan for content creation, as well as put together a Facebook and Twitter strategy to increase awareness and help spread the message. We are so impressed by the motivation and dedication this group shows, always striving for more.

After an official launch date was set, we designed and implemented a “Coming Soon” page. You can visit the website at www.imatad.org. Here is a quick screenshot of what we came up with. You’ll notice the integration of a jQuery countdown with an open, grungy website layout.

As part of our efforts, we have already begun the creation of Texting and Driving Infographics, which will be used to quickly and powerfully convey statistics related to texting and driving. Together with a new website design, we will work with the group to develop videos, memes, and photography that will support and promote their efforts. Please visit their website at www.imatad.org and “like” their new Facebook page.

Here are a few more non-profits we’ve worked with over the past few years: MedWish, Mobile Med One, MedWorks, Parkinson’s Pals.

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