A Bill to Ban Texting While Driving Passed by Ohio Senate – Infographic

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Ohio Senate passed a bill that would ban texting while driving. After arguments spanning the continuom between individual freedoms and public safety, Ohio lawmakers approved House Bill 99 with a 25-8 vote. Texting while driving in Ohio will be a primary offense for minors, meaning they could be pulled over for the offense. As for adults, texting while driving remains a secondary offense; one where the offender could be ticketed only after being pulled over for another offense.

In a recent project, Purely Branded has teamed up with imATAD, a non-profit organization committed to eliminating deaths caused by texting while driving. The idea for this organization started by a group of 5 teenagers. The group decided they shouldn’t wait to start making a difference until after a friend or a loved was involved in an accident because of texting and driving. Want to help? Check out their website for a few things you can do.

As part of this effort, we create the first of several infographics dedicated to the dangers of texting and driving.

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