GoDaddy Goes Down, Hacker Group Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Attack

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If you have any internet service with GoDaddy, you may have noticed that your site hasn’t worked for a few hours. The large domain registrar and website hosting company is down, effecting millions of websites worldwide. A quick look at the company’s Twitter account will bring up:

Status Alert: Hey, all. We’re aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We’re working on it.


So many messages, can’t get to you all… Sorry to hear all your frustration. We’re working feverishly to resolve as soon as possible.

As a test, we called the GoDaddy customer support line for an update, but they must be so inundated with calls, that we received a busy signal. Once we got through, we received the message:

We are aware of an issue that affecting several services, including Email, our website, and some customer websites. We understand your frustrations. We want you to know that our team is investigating the source of the issue, and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you want up-to-the-minute updates, follow us on Twitter. Thank you for your patience.

There are reports out there, that the group Anonymous is responsive for the attack. @AnonOpsLegion tweeted “By using/supporting GoDaddy, you are supporting censorship of the Internet” as well as “#TangoDown — | by @AnonymousOwn3r”. #TangoDown is a hashtag for the term used by Anonymous to reference a website that is down.

Anonymous is very well known for it’s public success in exposing and taking down Pedophilia-related websites, as well as releasing the names and personal information of it’s members. GoDaddy is reported to have been the target for these attacks for it’s support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). The bills were designed to give the government and copyright holders the powers to block access to “rogue websites dedicated to infringing or counterfeit goods.”


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