Responsive Web Design – A Working Example

In an article we published last week titled Responsive Web Design – A Quick Overview, we introduced this new approach to design. We began by covering the rise of mobile websites and the traditional approaches to addressing the various screen resolutions. After looking at pros and cons of the traditional […]

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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Campaign Ad?

As political junkie and a marketer, I follow campaign ads pretty closely. This election cycle, with more money behind them than ever, they’re  surprisingly disappointing. Angry shots of the other candidate. Depressed people telling depressing stories. COPY IN ALL CAPS. It seems as though this cycle’s committees and SuperPACs are […]

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The Impact of Typography on Web Design and Brand Messaging

As web design has advanced, it’s clear that most design is driven by big, powerful imagery. However, we can’t ever lose sight of the fact that typography is the lynchpin that holds effective design together. Many factors, such as font selection; appropriate Measure; typographic size hierarchy; and typographic weight hierarchy […]

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Responsive Web Design – A Quick Overview

Running a successful web design company means never standing still, constantly learning about web design and mastering new web technologies as they become available. Lately, you may have heard the term Responsive Web Design thrown around in your marketing meetings. One of the latest buzz words, Responsive Web Design signifies […]

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YouTube by the Numbers

With its integration into Google search, video has emerged as a leading method of disseminating valuble content, educating, and promoting brand recognition. Nowadays, YouTube channels and videos should be a key component of any online presence strategy. As hot spots and mobile broadband are now readily available, video is now […]

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The Color of Marketing

By acting as a type of non-verbal communication, the colors chosen for your touchpoints affect the way your target audience views your product or service. Often clients tell us that they like this or that color, or think that a particular combination of colors is their “favorite”. Often, we find […]

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Decision Influencers in Web Design Architecture

What drives a person to buy something? When asked this question, most people respond by claiming that they evaluate the pros and cons of the particular decision at hand, then make their final choice based on sound judgement. Many will go on to add that unlike other people with wavering […]

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